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Did you lose money in the last two bear markets?

Two questions can help you establish your risk comfort level.

First Question:

How would your lifestyle change if you had a 30 to 50% gain in your investment portfolio?
Some people respond that they might spend or travel a little more or just feel more secure. Nothing will dramatically change.

Second Question:

How would your lifestyle change if you had a 30 to 50% loss in your investment portfolio?
investment-planningSome people respond that they would be devastated or have to move to a smaller home or drop a club membership or some other dramatic change. The loss has a dramatic change in their mindset and lifestyle.

This is the primary reason why Affluent Americans are far more concerned with protecting what they accumulated rather than chasing a risky possible high rate of return.

Are you prepared or comfortable with the possibility of another major market sell off?

If you would like to learn what the true risk exposure is in your current investment portfolio and find out how that correlates with your personal risk comfort level Call Myers Financial Services today for a no obligation 3 Step Review. 760-351-2300

Has your current advisor discussed your risk comfort level recently?