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Recent tax law changes could be costing you plenty!

couple-img01Do you know the most important questions you should ask your CPA before you complete another tax return or see another month go by that could be costing you extra tax dollars?

You need these questions answered now, so you can take full advantage of the new rules while you still have time left in this tax year. Here’s just a sampling of the areas to discuss with your accountant and us.

Why some of America’s Wealthiest Investors removed their children’s names as beneficiaries on their annuity contracts. (Don’t worry the kids can actually get more.)


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Your lifestyleIf your current financial representatives have not addressed these issues
imagine what you may be missing out on.

These questions need to be discussed now, as waiting until next year means maybe paying too much tax this year. Timing is the key to using the new tax laws to your benefit. Don’t wait until next spring to find out you “could have done” something to cut your taxes, now or that a hidden tax nightmare could be brewing for your heirs.

Become proactive with your tax issues with our 3 Step Review.

CallĀ Myers Financial Services at 760-351-2300 for a no obligation 3 Step Review.

A simple review may allow you to dramatically reduce your quarterly tax payments or may uncover a windfall for you and your heirs.